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test discs

R.K,CABLE is proud to bring to a range of test discs to help you calibrate abd show of your home hifi or your sreo system .


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AIX Records - Blu-Ray Audio Calibration Disc and HD Music Sampler







  • System Calibration Introduction presented by Mark Waldrep
  • System Setup Tutorial, presented by Mark Waldrep
  • Channel Idenitifcation Tests, 7.1, 5.1, 2.0
  • Speaker Balance Tests, 7.1, 5.1, 2.0
  • Speaker Phase Tests Check the phase of each speaker pair
  • Frequency Sweep Tests Test for rattles or room nodes
  • Subwoofer Sweep TestTest for low frequency rumble
  • Subwoofer Crossover Test Check your crossover frequency


  • John Gorka Mercy of the Wheels
  • Lisbeth Scott, Let Me
  • Carl Verheyen, Henry's Farm
  • The AIX All Stars, Pachelbel Acoustica
  • The Banda Brothers with Destani Wolf Primavera
  • Albert Lee Luxury Liner
  • Chamber Music Palisades Shostakovich Piano Quintet Op. 57

General Information

This is the first Blu-Ray disc that AIX Records has produced. Finally, we're able to combine our high definition, surround music tracks with the high definition video that we shoot during out sessions.

A Recent Review from Home Entertainment Magazine - Show-Offs

Longtime readers should already be well aware of my undying love for AIX Records. The company's award-winning, multi-disc DVD-Audio/Video releases continue to be without question, the most pristine recordings these ears have every heard. Enjoying them completely also continues to be an aerobic exercise, with high-resolution stereo and surround sound audio relegated to one side of a disc, and beautifully filmed studio performances (accompanied by compressed DTS and Dolby Digital audio) to the other.

Needless to say, AIX President Dr. Mark Waldrep was merely ahead of his time. Now, with the advent of Blu-ray disc, his high-definition, high-resolution audio/video recording are finally getting the exhibition they deserve. Customers who purchase Oppo's new BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player w/SACD and DVD-Audio are treated to an early taste of AIX's output on Blu-ray. A more comprehensive sampler should be available from aixrecords.com not long a after this issue goes to print, with full release quickly following. But no matter what package it comes in, you simply must experience Carl Verheyen's beautiful solo acoustic rendition of "Henry's Farm."

Leave your display on and soak in the gorgeous video, or turn it off for a more proper high-fidelity audio experience - either way, from the very first note your head will be filled with visions of fretted ebony and phosphor bronze strings. The only way you're going to get any closer to an actual guitar is to hold one yourself. The 7.1 channels of Dolby TrueHD audio aren't packed with discrete seconds so mush as diverse textures; every note is a four-course meal of timbres packed into a single bite. The midrange bathes you, and the high end practically polishes the molecules of air between the speakers and your seat, as the piece builds to a passionate crescendo and quickly pulls back to a gentle whisper - as lovely a display of the dying art of dynamic range as you're likely to hear on any recording anytime soon. - Dennis Burger/November 2009.



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 Dolby Laboratories and AIX Records have assembled this Blu-ray disc of incredible HD Music to help demonstrate the power and incomparable sound of high definition, surround music encoded and delivered using Dolby True HD technology.

The tracks on this disc allow you to experience different genres of music at a whole new level of fidelity and engagement. You'll be able to hear music across the entire frequency spectrum from deep rich bass tones to delicate extended highs and experience real world dynamic range unaltered by processors typically used during recording, mixing and mastering. Playing the tracks on this BD disc will help listeners realize that music reproduction can be dramatically better than CDs or MP3 soundfiles.

Imagine the performers on this demonstration disc sitting in your listening room playing a private concert just for you … that's what it sounds like.

AIX Records offer special thanks for Dolby Laboratories, Netblender and Inlet Technologies for their generous support of this project.

  1. Mercy Of The Wheels - John Gorka   Folk   Male Vocal/Acoustic 5-Piece Band
  2. Let Me - Lisbeth Scott   Folk   Female Vocal/Piano
  3. Maybe Later - Lowen & Navarro   Folk Duo   Male Duo/Acoustic 5-Piece Band
  4. Big Old Red Guitar - Brand New Opry Vol.ll   Country   Male Vocal/Acoustic/Electric 9-Piece Band
  5. Lowlands - Brand New Opry Vol. I   Country Duo   Male Duo/Acoustic 6-Piece Band
  6. Henry's Farm - Carl Verheyen   Instrumental   Solo Acoustic Guitar
  7. Pachelbel Acoustica - The AIX All Stars   Instrumental   Acoustic/Electric 7-Piece Band
  8. Luxury Liner - Albert Lee   Country   Male Vocal/Electric 5-Piece Band
  9. Something Like A Broken Heart - Hanna-McEuen   Country   Male Duo/Electric 4-Piece Band
10. Sometimes Dancing - Nicci Gilbert & Friends   Rhythm & Blues   Female Vocal/Electric 5-Piece Band
11. Feelin' Alright - Dave Mason   Acoustic Rock   Male/Acoustic 3-Piece Band
12. Primavera - Destani Wolf/Banda Brothers   Latin   Female Vocal/Acoustic 5-Piece Band
13. Lulu's Back In Town - Steve March Torme   Big Band Jazz   Male Vocal/10-Piece Big Band
14. Hurts To Be Alone - Elan Atias/Ernest Ranglin   Jamaican Jazz   Male Vocal/Electric Guitar/5-Piece Band
15. Just My Imagination - Wallace Roney   Jazz   Muted Trumpet/6-Piece Band
16. El Vuelo - The Afro Cuban Jazz Project   Afro/Cuban Jazz   Saxophone/7-Piece Band
17. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child - Terry Trotter   Jazz   Solo Piano
18. Neurosis - AC Timba Jazz   Afro/Cuban Jazz   Saxophone/6-Piece Band
19. Bless Them Rains - Vantage Point   Jazz   Saxophone/Trumpel/5-PieceBand
20. Shostakovich Piano Quintet Op. 57-Prelude - Chamber Music Palisades   Classical   Piano/String Quartet
21. Debussy Sonata for Flute, Viola & Harp - Chamber Music Palisades   C
lassical   Flute/Viola/Harp


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