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speaker cabinets

rkcable centre speaker

rkcable custom made speaker 

R.k.cable is able to provide the following service  to be able to construct loudspeaker boxes to your requirements  in timber or veneer .

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Here is another diy speaker project made to the customers specifications , it was a 3 way bass reflex which was going te run in a active set up


rkcable diy speaker

3 way loud speaker



removable backremovable back




custom made grill

custom made speaker grill



This diy speaker project has been made for a customer who requested to have the box to be up nade in the raw and for the drivers to be cut out , it is the  loudspeaker from Zaph audio - ZD5 - Scan Speak 15W8530K00 and Vifa XT25


zaph audio



rkcable zd5


solid timber edges  with a 5.0 mm pencil round have been made to finish of the front of the speaker



removable back to speaker

removable back to speaker for access


zd5 floorstanders 024zd5 floorstanders 023

And here is the finished speaker


Here is another speaker constructed in 32 mm  pine board and solid timber front and top and has been nade to lean back at a  5 degree angle

my speaker

scan speak


This home theater cabinet