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powerguard PGXC3708




DESCRIPTION PowerGuard Extreme Computer is a combination of the PowerGuard Original, Continuous Power Filter and Ultra Filter. The protection strategy is arranged with the PowerGuard Original patented Active Intelligent Sensing front ending the whole of the PGXC protection to the supply voltage input, protecting all Eight Outlets and is then linked in conjunction with Cascade Multi-stage Filtering on the AC Mains.

The Primary bank of six outlets is CPF filtered with additional crossover filtering to the Isolated Dual Outlet bank, arranged in a Cascade configuration. The Isolated Dual Outlet bank is totally isolated from the Primary bank and final filtered.

The AC filter is a similar specification as the Continuous Power Filter for clamping and energy dissipation, but is arranged in a cascade, multi-stage circuit design – the benefit is that rather than totally block all the excess energy and risk causing a back EMF, that could damage neighbouring unprotected equipment, the protection is designed to capture, absorb and dissipate the excess energy or transient interference. Residual interference is captured by each successive stage; the cascade circuit design captures any graduated overflow at each successive stage of the filter providing cleaner power.

Ultra2 Line Filtering incorporates Bit Stream Filtering (BSF) of the incoming data, capturing line noise and providing cleaner filtered communications. With reduced line noise, Modems, Multi Function Centres and Facsimile Machine can operate closer to their optimum speeds, with less drop back and drop out where line noise has been a problem in the past.


-         More than double the AC Mains protection of conventional multi outlet boards
- Cascade Multi Stage Filtering, diverts for:
• Spike Protection
• RFI and EMI Filtration

- Patented Active Intelligent Sensing, isolates for:
• True AC Mains Over Voltage, Surge and Phase Loss Protection
• Under Voltage, Brown Out (Sag) Protection

- Line Share Protection (Bit Stream Filtration)
• Filtered dial up protection
• Cleaner lines provide faster upload and download
• Reduced drop back and dropout
• ADSL connection supported (ADSL filters required)


Electrical Rating 110~230/240V AC 50/60Hz 10 Amps (2400w)

Clamping Voltage


Protection Modes

Differential Mode (Active-Neutral)

Maximum Amps Absorption

55,000 Amps


Common Mode (Active-Neutral Earth)

Maximum Joules Absorption

1,500 Joules

Reaction Time

1 to 3 n/Seconds

Operation Temperature

-10 to 70°C


Electrical Rating

230/240V 50Hz or 110/120V 60Hz 10 Amps (2400w)

Detection Time

<1 m/Second (non destructive)
<1 n/Second (destructive)

High Voltage Rating

265 Volts (Factory Set)

Reaction Time

<5 m/Seconds (non destructive)

Low Voltage Rating

190 Volts (Factory Set)


<1 n/Second (destructive)



Operation Temperature

-10 to 70°C


Reaction Time

1 to 3 n/Seconds

Maximum Amps Absorption

20,000 Amps

RJ45 Communication Cable for travel connectivity included in the product pack. DC Telecommunications protection meets and exceeds Austel Standards providing RJ45 connectivity with RJ12 centres.

WARRANTY DATA SHEET - $120,000 Connected Equipment Warranty**
- Lifetime Warranty**

** Terms and Conditions Apply



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