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power cables

R.K.CABLE is proud to present to you a range  of cables to cater to everyones needs and budget . Starting from our budget range the VFM power cord to R.K.CABLES  high end audio grade power cables. All  of them represent a new level of performance and value . All have been constructed using the highest quality parts  .  giving you a product that is able to obtain the best performance from your equipment .


 There are 5  cables  R.K.CABLE n the range .


The first one being the  R.K.CABLE 1.5  recommended for the following equipment   MORE INFO


STEREO  CD player , dac , phono stages  ,phono motor drives ,  pre amplifier , integrated amplifier , Power amplifiers ,active speakers , Sub woofers ,  Power filters


HOME THEATRE  DVD player , Processor , processor amplifier ,

multi channel amplifier , Visual displays being LCD- PLASMA-PROJECTOR .

Sub woofer



The second cable in the range    R.K.CABLE 2.5   is recommended for all the above eqiuipmnet . I would like to add the following  in which  the cable excells in both stereo and home theatre.  MORE INFO





The third cable in the range R.K.CABLE 2.5HC   the HC stands for High Current . A lot of power  amplifiers  and power filters are now being made with 16/20 amp iec inlets . Some of these manufacturers are

cambridge audio . music fidelity , audio research  HD220 , Bryston 6B/14B SST . McCormack DNA-500 . Krell   KAV-2250. Krell  KAV-3250. Furman power filters .  MORE INFO


Also now available is the R.K.CABLE Furutech POWER CABLES , these cables are assembled and tested R.K.CABLE . MORE INFO


The  new range of VFM power cords has been made so that the budget hifi enthusiast can enjoy some of  the benefits of  a power upgrade without having to spend a fortune .There are 8 cables in the range and all feature Oxygen free copper conductors  . MORE INFO


Also now available is the R.K.-lorad  POWER CABLES  , these cables are assembled and tested R.K.CABLE .  MORE INFO



Also all cables are made in australia  comply to Australian standards and also are tested  to AS/NZS 3760:2003 ,  and  they are tagged and  indivdually numbered . 

please  see photos below .


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