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VFM power cord

R.K.CABLE is proud to present the VFM  range of  Australian made shielded power cords .   The letters  VFM stands for Value For Money .  They have been made  so that the budget hifi enthusiast can enjoy some of  the benefits of  a power cable  upgrade without having to spend a fortune .



vfm shielded power cord in 1.0 and 1.5


There are 8 power cords  in the range for you to choose the first being the

VFM  and the rest is a range of VFM 1.5 cables  and all feature Oxygen free copper conductors .




The VFM features an Australian  10 amp clear 3 pin molded plug on one end and on the other end we have a  molded 10 amp clear  iec plug . The cable is rated at 10 amps and contains 3 x 1.0mm. squared conductors and surrounding the cable we have a tinned copper braid giving it a 80% coverage . And the cables do comply to Australian and New Zealand standards .

Each cable does come tagged and tested  .


vfm shielded power cord




PRICE FOR THE VFM   1.5MT. $75.00    inc gst ,  plus delivery  -  special  Buy 2  of the above and  get one free




VFM 1.5


This power cord has 3x 1.5mm. squared condutors it has a molded Austrliann 3 pin plug and on the other end i have fiited a IeGO 8055 series, made from pure unplated Furukawa copper with an anti-oxidation coating.This a great addition to this cable having a audio grade plug fitted to a cable at this price .


rkcable shielded power cord 1.5

PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5  Length 2.0mt. long  $150.00        inc gst ,  plus delivery




I am getting orders for this cable to be made in longer lengths  but for each length i have to oder a minimun quanity which ends up to be very costlty in having the stock , so my supplier has finally agreed to supply the cable so that i can make the lengths required .

I am able now to provide this cable in longer lengths , the only draw back is that the will be hand terminated meaning that they will cost more .

So the VFM 1.5  AT 3.0 MT. LONG  will have Clipsal plug top fitted to it 


vfm1,5-3.0mt long


PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5  Length 3.0mt. long  $199.00        inc gst ,  plus delivery




And also available is the VFM 1,5 IEC Cable it has a  Shurter male iec plug fitted to,  it is a great addition for those who use power filters fitted with iec  outlets


vfm1.5 iec


PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5 IEC  Length 2.0mt. long  $225.00        inc gst  ,  plus delivery


VFM 1.5 IEC Shurter




The VFM 1.5 IEC Shurter features the following plugs the shurter male and female  iec plugs , it has been made for the following situations where the larger  bodied iec plug will not fit for example some lcd or plasma televisions do not have  room behind them to fit these  plugs .


PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5 IEC Shurter Length 2.0mt. long  $200.00        inc gst  , plus delivery


VFM 1.5 F8


VFM  1.5 can now be made with a figure 8 plug  , it features a Furutech FI-8N Gold C7 IEC Connector plug .


iec-f8 vfm

PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5 f8  Length 2.0mt. long  $190.00        inc gst  , plus delivery



VFM 1.5 Iec to f8


Features the shurter male iec plug and on the other end we have the  Furutech FI-8N Gold C7 IEC Connector plug .


iec -f8 to iec


PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5 IEC TO f8  Length 2.0mt. long  $270.00        inc gst ,  plus delivery





Which is for equipment requiring 15 amp connection .It features  a clipsal 1439s15 on the male end and on the end we have the  Wattgate 320iHC .


vfm 1.5 hc


PRICE FOR THE  VFM 1.5 HC  Length 2.0mt. long  $265.00        inc gst ,  plus delivery


VFM 1.5 P.L.

 This cable is for when you need a extension cable that is shielded for example connecting up a tv it can be easily run in the wall .


vfm 1.5 shielded power lead


Price for 2.5 mt cable $150.00 inc gst , plus delivery


PLEASE dont hesitate to enquire on the above cables




Also all cables are made in australia  comply to Australian standards and also are tested  to AS/NZS 3760:2003 ,  and  they are tagged and  indivdually numbered .