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Thoroughbred ®

thoroughbred ® sequenced power interface


Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface
Today's Audio Video and Computer systems demand purity and integrity of the mains electricity that powers them. Common plastic power boards are grossly inadequate for this professional requirement. On rare occasions an external power line disturbance, like lightning, can destroy equipment. Sometimes external Electromagnetic Interference, from dimmers, motors etc., causes faulty operation. But, internal EMI from adjacent equipment power supplies and leads is the most common cause of poor performance. Only proper power interfacing will allow modern electronic products to perform to their designed specification. Thoroughbred ® Power Interface is specifically designed to achieve this.

Reflected Local Interference - degrades equipment performance
Supplying Audio, Home Theatre or Computer equipment from a single filter, multiple outlet power board allows interference from one attached appliance to reflect back down its power lead into the others. There is no protection from this internal self generated noise. With 8 EMI filters Thoroughbred ® Power Interface double filters each outlet separately. Reflected local interference is filtered on re-entry and again before reaching adjacent outlets. Also mains input supply filtering uses Multi Mode suppression to address all origins of interference.



Stylish anodised aluminium case.
Stylish anodised aluminium case.
Convenient three metre supply lead.
Complements existing equipment cases




Six double filtered power outlets.
Six double filtered power outlets.
Active and neutral breaker protection.
On/off switch with red indicator light

Locally designed and built for the Australian power grid
Electrical Authority Approval # V06721
C-Tick Mark Approval # N15569
Designed to AS/NZS 3105:2002
Tested to AS/NZS 3760:2003
Model # TPC240AU6

External spikes and surges - a Better Way
The use of gas plasma arrestors and metal oxide varistors (MOVs) is the best known way to quench destructive transients. However they must be combined with an EMI filter in a hybrid configuration to be fully effective. Protection needs to be Common Mode (both lines to ground) as well as Normal Mode (active to neutral) because both types occur often in mains power. Failure to provide both types of protection is common in budget power boards. Many also use discrete filter components that may not be metal shielded and so radiate some of their filtered EMI. The Thoroughbred ® Power Interface uses 2 separate, earthed, metal clad input filters with 2 gas plasma arrestors and 2 MOVs in a hybrid connection to suppress spikes and surges at power entry.This design approach achieves optimum filter performance.

Electromagnetic Interference - Double Filtered
Electromagnetic Interference - Double Filtered. Modern systems are a combination of components like PCs, DVD, surround sound, display screen etc... These are usually powered from a multiple outlet power board which may contain rudimentary input filtering. However the modern switch mode power supplies in each of these devices can reflect interference back down their own power cord, into the power board and then be injected into adjacent power leads. The Thoroughbred ® Power Interface provides a filter stage for each of its 6 outlets to trap this reflected noise on re-entry. This interference is filtered again by the output filters of the other 5 outlets. Consequently EMI, both external (from the mains supply) or internal (from local equipment connected to adjacent power outlets), is double filtered for unprecedented attenuation so necessary for today's equipment.

Faraday Cage - Contain Interference
Physicist Sir Michael Faraday discovered that shield barriers must be used to suppress electromagnetic radiation. Without them radiated noise is readily induced into nearby power leads.

So a Faraday Cage, where the devices are mounted in a metal case with minimum openings for cable entry etc..., is mandatory. Unlike common plastic enclosures the Thoroughbred ® Power Interface is enclosed within a 2mm thick, earthed Aluminium casing to suppress radiated noise.

Mains power lines - more than just a supply cable?

All appliances connected to mains power cables are instantly subject to the most powerful source of interference to their proper operation, and not only from outside interference .

Interference to the mains supply from the electricity grid and the rarity of lightning strike has been over emphasised at the expense of the most common and insidious noise - connected equipment interference .

Every appliance supply lead acts as an antenna to radiate Audio, Video, PC and phone interference. Because as it switches the mains on and off it is interrupting the current in an inductive circuit.

Even a short length of mains wire can have 100uH of inductance,which when subject to this mains switching will generate a very high voltage very quickly and cause a nasty voltage spike.

The vast majority of today's electronic products are powered by "switched mode" power supplies using components on the primary (unisolated) side of the power transformer. These components generate leakage currents and the "switching mode" generates high frequency radiation.

These devices are often double insulated using 2 pin mains plugs and have no earth. Thus these noisy power supplies cannot be filtered to earth and their casings cannot be grounded.

Consequently any noise from one switch mode supply will travel back down its power lead, onto the common rail of a standard power board and affect all other appliances connected to it.

The Thoroughbred ® Power Interface addresses all origins of interference and incorporates RFI filters in each of the six power outlets. Any reflected interference entering from any outlet is suppressed by that outlet's filter block. Any residual noise is filtered again at the outlet supplying every other appliance. This achieves double filtered noise suppression of connected equipment.

Why is Multi Mode transient suppression the best defence against external transients?
External interference to the home mains supply is both normal mode (active to neutral) as well as common mode (active and neutral each surged relative to earth).

It is important to recognise that both types of transients occur frequently on our electricity grid and failure to provide Multi Mode suppression is a serious design omission.

The Thoroughbred ® Power Interface has a 2 stage Hybrid circuit consisting of Plasma Surge Arrestors and Metal Oxide Varistors. These are separated by dual RFI filter blocks.

This Hybrid circuit allows each component to do what each does best. The Plasma surge arrestors divert the high energy portion of the transient and the Varistors provide fast accurate clamping of the low energy, rapid leading edge. The dual RFI filter blocks provide double attenuation of line noise and provide the essential impedance link for the Hybrid circuit.

This design approach brings a level of filter performance unachievable to low cost power boards.

Double pole circuit breaker - more than just a good idea?
The fitting of a double pole rocker switch/circuit breaker , with indicator, achieves a level of protection and control not seen in low cost power distribution boards.

Double pole means that both the active and neutral mains supply circuits are operated and protected with the indicator clearly showing the attached equipment is on or off. Consequently a convenient single action ensures that all 6 outlets are safely switched off .

The Thoroughbred ® Power Interface circuit breaker is trip free and carries the full 10 amp mains rating with near instantaneous shutdown of both poles for short circuit protection. A stylish blue LED on the front panel mimics the state of the rear indicator for ongoing monitoring.

Common power boards use a simple single pole (active line only) thermal trip mechanism for overload protection and rarely provide indication of the device state.

Anodised Aluminium case - is it more than just good looks?
Modern Audio and Video systems have special needsfor the protection of their power sources and the maintenance of an electrically pristine operating environment.

The effective removal of voltage spikes and Radio Frequency Interference can be achieved by good design and use of appropriate components. An inductor may block a pulse but will not be fully effective if a parallel path exists through space around the inductor to transmit radiated noise to adjacent equipment.

Suitable shield barriers must be used to limit this radiant interference from affecting sensitive electronics like Video screens, digital processors etc. Consequently a Faraday Cage is desirable where the radiated interference is contained within an earthed metal shield.

The Thoroughbred ® Power Interface 8 power filters built into their own metal cases. Additionally the product is enveloped in 2mm thick aluminiumwith earthed top and bottom plates for a second level of radiant absorbtion.

Almost all filtered power boards are housed in a plastic enclosure which cannot provide any suppression of radiated interference. Many low cost units use discrete filter components that are not metal clad to prevent radiation.
“Pure power can only be occur with the professional use of a combination of measures. For each that is missing, the sum of the remainder is greatly reduced and performance compromised”
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 R.K.CABLE price on this product is  $496.00 inc gst ,  BONUS  i will also include a VFM shielded power cable and delivery  .