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Thor Technologies

About Thor Technologies

There is no substitute for experience and when co founders of Thor Technologies, Nile Ausmus and Roy Stokes developed the Surge Shield range of products there was over 65 years of experience behind the development team. We have grown significantly since then and this is shown by the innovation in our latest range of cutting edge products.

All research, development and engineering is undertaken in Australia. Thor Technologies is 100% Australian and proud of it.

We are a Company that produces products for our own backyard so you can be assured that when we make a promise we have to stand by it. Being Australian we intend to only ever offer products that do what they say they do. At the end of the day it is what’s inside that counts and that is why we are not afraid to show you our circuits as pictured on all our boxes. Some of you would be surprised at what little components are in some of the other brands. They must think the bigger and heavier and glossier the product the more it will sell. If you are buying power protection based on this concept then you may need more help than we can give, so be careful.

The Surge Shield range brought power protection which had not changed much since the early 80’s, into the new millennium. Digital technology has come a long way and is far more sensitive to power disturbances. This makes clean power an essential requirement when Home Theatre, computers or processor controlled systems are being used.

2006 saw the launch of another generation of product – The SMART SERIES range. The latest release from this generation in November 2009, the Green Board, after three years of development has once again exceeded our expectations in terms of accpetance. The R & D team has been working hard and has merged its experience with an ear for what the maket was asking for. The Smart Series range is the most dynamic and progressive in the market. Our products will provide the best solution for your equipment whether it is for your home or office.

Remember we are local so if you have a problem or there is not a product available to you off the shelf come and talk to us as we may be able to build it for you – it is that simple!


Research & Development

One of the major reasons Thor Technologies has enjoyed market acceptance is because of its experienced and talented research and development team. Success has not been by accident but due to careful planning and market research coupled with the strong desire to lead with cutting edge technology.


We have always believed in continuing to improve and strive for new innovative products. This is an ongoing process and is often borne from valuable feedback received from our customers.

One of the reasons we are happy to offer a no questions asked replacement warranty is because as a manufacturer we value the information we can obtain from products that have been active in the field. The data obtained from these products help us to keep improving our range.

All of our research and development is done in Australia. So you can be assured the products are made to suit Australian conditions .


PS10 - Smart Power Station  - more info

ps10- rkcable  thor technology power station

PS10 Smart Power Station 2013 model - more info

thor-ps10-2013 powerstation

PS20 - Smart Power Station - more info

ps20 - smart power station thor technologies


HA5 - Smart Hum Assassin - more info

ha5 - smart hum assassin


A12BF - Smart Board - more info

a12bf - smart board thor technologies



B12R - Green Board  - more  info

b12r - green board


B8F - Smart Filter 8 - more info

b8f - smart filter 8


E1/45B Smart Protect4 - more info



D1/45B Smart Filter - more info

D1/45B Smart Filter

RF11 – Smart Rack Guard 11 - more info

rf11 – smart rack guard 11

RF11R - Smart Rack Guard 11 Remote - more info

rf11r_ from thor technologies

DRM95 - more info



DRM95 - Hardwired (30Amp) - more info


drm95-30mp thor tecnolgies


HLVD - Hardwired (20 Amp) - more info



CM90 - more info