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R.K.CABLE Furutech shielded power cables


rkcable furutech shielded power cable



R.K. CABLE Is a power cable upgrade, that will make a difference to your audio and audiovisual equipment .You will hear the difference and see an improvement in your audio visual equipment

The cable features a clear sheath and a tinned copper braid under that braid is a mylar tape to improve the shielding properties of the cable.

Inside the cable we have 3 cores of 1.5 mm. or 2.5 mm. squared highly annealed copper .

Fitted with some high quality connectors . On one end we have the FurutecI-AU3112-N1 gold , made tough and to perform . On the other end we have the Furutech   FI-11-N1 gold , featuring perma lock terminals , large spring contacts .

Putting all 3 items together makes a product that wiil satisfy any audiophile and audio visual enthusiast . Just bought a new filter this will complete the work of the filter , why put the standard leads back on only to introduce the emi and rfi frequencies back into your system .

R.K. CABLE comes in a standard length in 1.5 mt. and also can be custom made to your requirements .

Also cables comply to Australian standards and also come tested and tagged and indivdually numbered .


FurutecI-AU3112-N1 gold ac power plug


furuteci-au3112-n1 gold  form r.k.cable



•Full Australian and New Zealand Approval (Approval #NSW26696)
•Pure copper a (Alpha) Conductor
•Earth (Ground) Jumper System.
•Material: Nylon/fiberglass front body
•Polycarbonate shell
•Insulated Active & Neutral pins
•Improved all metal back clamp components




Furutech FI-11-N1 gold  iec connector


fi-11-n1-g furutech


·a (Alpha) Phosphor bronze Conductor
·Floating Field Damper System* prevents induced magnetic fields
·Nylon /fiberglass front body, Polycarbonate shell
·(Clear for Cu version / Black for 24k Gold version / Transparent Blue for Rhodium version)
·Specified for cable diameters of 6.6mm to 16.0mm (with a longer screw up to 20mm)
·Black nonmagnetic stainless cable damping clamp with stainless screws (M4 X 20mm L)
·Wire accommodation: Max 5.5 Square mm 10AWG
·Dimensions: Body length 44.0mm × 39.0mm dia. × 77.0mm overall length
·Rated: 10A/250V


The new FI-11-N1 series feature a new plating technique which delivers sonic improvements and a more durable finish. Also new to the series are metal cable clamps for firm grip and resonance control.

Japanese audio commentator, Masamitsu Fukuda says the following on the new plating:


“Gold plating is ideal for enthusiasts who prefer a flowing, somewhat warm and softer sound. With a slightly thicker layer of gold plating than before the sound is a touch more precise allowing a stable soundstage and a smoother tonal balance. With better response and dynamics the new cable yields a detailed, powerful bass and an overall expressive sound….”



R.K.CABLE Furuteech 1.5



0.5m. to 1 .5m.                $ 320.00

1.50 m to 2.5 m.              $ 335.00

2.50 m.to3.5m.                $ 350.00

3.50 m. to 4.5m.              $ 365.00

4.50 m. to 5.5m.              $ 380.00




R.K.CABLE Furutech 2.5



0.5m. to 1.5m.              $ 330.00

1.50 m to 2.5 m.           $ 345.00

2.50 m.to3.5m.             $ 360.00

3.50 m. to 4.5m.           $ 375.00

4.50 m. to 5.5m.           $ 390.00


All prices include gat


Also all cables are made in australia comply to Australian standards and also are tested to AS/NZS 3760:2003 , and they are tagged and indivdually numbered .