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R.K. CABLE  2.5 HC   Is a power cable upgrade, that will make a difference to your audio and audiovisual equipment .You will hear the difference and see an improvement in your audio visual equipment

The cable features a clear sheath and a tinned copper braid under that braid is a mylar tape to improve the shielding properties of the cable.

Inside the cable we have 3 cores of 2.5 mm.. squared highly annealed copper .

 Fitted  with some high quality connectors  . On one end we have the Clipsal 56p315  , made tough and to perform . On the other end we have the  Wattgate 320iHC  featuring perma lock terminals , large spring contacts  and Cryogenically treated.


Putting all 3 items together  makes a product that wiil satisfy any audiophile and audio visual enthusiast . Just bought a new filter this will complete the  work of  the filter , why put the standard leads back on only to introduce the emi and rfi frequencies back into your system .

 R.K. CABLE comes in a standard length in 1.5 mt. and also can be custom made to your requirements  .

Also cables comply to Australian standards and also come tested  and tagged and  indivdually numbered .

rkcable 2.5hc


.k.cable 2.5hc


PRICING  GST INC.  , Plus delivery


LENGTH                                            RECOMMENDED  RETAIL



0.5m. to1.5m.                                                    $ 360.00


1.501m to 2.5 m.                                               $ 375.00


2.501m.to3.5m.                                                 $ 390.00 


3.501m. to 4.5m.                                               $ 405.00


4.501m. to 5.5m.                                               $ 420.00


5.501m to 6.5 m                                                $ 435.00


6.501m to 7.5m                                                 $ 450.00


7,501m to 8.5m.                                                $ 465.00


8.501m. to 9.5m.                                               $ 480.00


9.501m to 10.5                                                  $ 495.00


10.501m to 11.5                                                $ 510.00


11.501m to 12.5m.                                            $ 525.00


R.Kable  can now be fitted with the wattgate 15ra right angled shell allowing for cables to be fiited into tight spaces .


wattgate-15ra- right angled adapterwattgate rkcable right angled plug





Also all cables are made in australia  comply to Australian standards and also are tested  to AS/NZS 3760:2003 ,  and  they are tagged and  indivdually numbered .