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Powerguard PGCP3906


powerguard computer protector pgcp3906


Designed and Engineered in Australia by PowerGuard Protective Electronics, PowerGuard Computer Protector PGCP3906 is an absolute state of the art Telecommunications Power Protective device, specifically designed for serious professional users of PC’s and Notebooks with modems and high quality multi function centres.

The Computer Protector uses a combination of conventional MOV, Ferrite Core and Capacitance technology for AC Mains and features DC protection for conventional phone line and/or ADSL/Ethernet protection.

PowerGuard Computer Protector PGCP3906’s AC filter is designed for clamping and energy dissipation, but is arranged in a cascade, multi-stage circuit design – the benefit is that rather than totally block all the excess energy and risk causing a back EMF, that could damage neighbouring unprotected equipment, the protection is designed to capture, absorb and dissipate the excess energy or transient interference. Residual interference is captured by each successive stage; the cascade circuit design captures any graduated overflow at each successive stage of the filter providing cleaner power.

Designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from potentially damaging and dangerous high voltage spikes, RFI, EMI and transient voltage on the AC Mains electrical supply, by capturing and diverting electrical disturbances within the scope of the protection that commonly cause breakdown, poor performance, data loss and data corruption and long term cumulative damage or total destruction of unprotected connected equipment.


• Cascade Multi Stage Filtering, diverts for:
- Spike Protection
- RFI and EMI Filtration

• Dual protection - AC mains and phone DC Line
• Spike/Surge Protection (AC/DC)
• Filtration - High Voltage Spikes (AC)
• Filtration - Radio Frequency Interference RFI (AC)
• Filtration - Electromagnetic Interference EMI (AC)


Recommended applications


• Desktop/Notebook computers

• Business equipment

• Printers

• Photo copiers

• Multi-function centres

• Phone/fax/modems

• ADSL/ethernet protection


Electrical Rating 110~230/240V AC 50/60Hz 10 Amps (2400w)

Clamping Voltage


Protection Modes

Differential Mode (Active-Neutral)

Maximum Amps Absorption

55,000 Amps


Common Mode (Active-Neutral Earth)

Maximum Joules Absorption

1365 Joules

Reaction Time

1 to 3 n/Seconds

Operation Temperature

-10 to 70°C

- $80,000 Connected Equipment Warranty**
- Lifetime Warranty**

** Terms and Conditions Apply


Price $199.00 inc gst