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About PowerGuard


PowerGuard® is the innovator of the power protection industry.PowerGuard® began in 1983 as an independent design and manufacturing company, Australian Protective Electronics (A.P.E) to later become part of the Perth based Fortron Group, Fortron Protective Electronics developing a unique range of protective products to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.

Through a management buyout of the Fortron Protective Electronics division from Fortron Group in November 2002, PowerGuard® Protective Electronics was formed.

PowerGuard® is a world leader in Electrical Power Protection, with a range of power protection products that include:

- Surge and Sag Voltage Limiting
- Power and Line Filters
- Telephone / Fax / Modem Protection
- Line Interactive and Standby UPS

PowerGuard® products are designed and engineered in Australia to the highest international standards, to significantly reduce damage to sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from spikes, surges, sags, EMI and RFI. The devices are available in formats to suit all international pin styles as well as DIN rail mounted hard-wired units.

The company's success is based on commitment to produce products of consistent high quality. This commitment extends to ongoing Research and Development aimed at solving power supply problems worldwide.

Our sales and customer service representation covers all states of Australia and sixteen overseas countries. The integrity and reputation of our products has attracted a large diverse customer base from electrical manufacturers and contractors, to retail domestic sales and the personal computer and office equipment industry.                  

About PowerGuard Products

PowerGuard® range features a number of unique patented designs:

- The first is Active Intelligent Sensing™ (AIS),

- The second is Bit Stream Filtration™ (BSF), incorporated with a line splitter in the PowerGuard Extreme Computer (Multi Outlet Board), to provide superior premium line protection, like no other).

- The third (patent pending) is the Buffer Pre Amplifier™ (BPA), arranged to front end the Antenna splitter protection of the PowerGuard Extreme AV Home Theatre.


protection for when it matters…


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Powerguard eXtreme notebook protector with $100,000 connected eq


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