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PS Audio

Mission statement

We build high-end connected home entertainment products that bring music and joy to our customers.

Our products are hand crafted to investment level standards of the highest quality that are treasured by their owners – providing decades of service and musical enjoyment.

It is PS Audio’s mission to bring the wonderful gifts of music and film into our homes with the highest level of performance coupled with the greatest value and ease of use as humanly possible.



We also have a strong sense of community, both locally and globally.

From a local perspective, we build community by contributing to local charities and donating our staff’s time and resources.  One of our favorite programs happens around Christmas when we divide up into teams and go on a wild shopping spree for local families that cannot afford Christmas.  This brings a good deal of joy and holiday best wishes to our local community of Boulder.

From a global perspective, we work hard at trying to help bring the high-end community of manufacturers, dealers, distributors and customers into the 21st century.  We do this by leading the way with innovative designs that leverage the connected world and through our online magazine PS Tracks as well as Paul’s Daily Posts.


Engineered from the ground up

All PS products are engineered in-house from the ground up. PS employs multiple teams of engineers in both Boulder Colorado as well as the European continent. Teams at PS are divided into hardware, software, mechanical, production development and industrial design. We use some of the most sophisticated engineering tools available and are strong proponents of utilizing the newest technologies in service of building state-of-the-art high value products for our customers


Build quality

Our build quality must be high enough for the product to perform flawlessly for a lifetime. Thousands of PS Audio products built over 40 years ago are in the field today and making music for their owners. We have the same high expectations for any of our products built today as well; they should last a lifetime.


Performance standards

Our performance standards are met by spending hundreds of hours listening and evaluating even the most minute engineering changes every step of the way. Our goals are to first exceed our own high standards and expectations and secondly to outperform the products of our competitors. We take performance very seriously and spend an enormous amount of time “getting it right” before any product ever sees the light of day. If it’s a PS product, you can have every confidence that product sounds terrific in every respect and is in use by the entire music loving staff at PS. We take performance and music very seriously; it is our life’s blood.

High value

High value is a subjective quality but one that is easy to spot in any product possessing it. For over 35 years, PS has leveraged technology and our engineering prowess to build great value in every product we make. When our products outperform another company’s offering that is considerably more expensive, every team member at PS smiles with an inner satisfaction of “job well done”. High End performance doesn’t have to mean high prices and it has been our mission for many years to prove this axiom is true, over and over again.

Our customers

Without question, our single most valuable asset within the company are our customers. You might hear that a lot from more than a few companies but at PS, it is something we live and breath every single day of the year. Customer service has no holidays at PS Audio. We are among a small handful of manufacturers who believe in spending inordinate amounts of time and energy to make sure every customer is treated with respect and dignity.

From the CEO of our company, to the warehouse clerk, every employee at PS Audio is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make our customers or potential customers as happy as humanly possible. From our community spirited learning centers on the website, our CEO’s tireless personal communication with thousands of customers all over the world, PS Audio is unwavering in its commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction. If, for any reason, you feel that you have not received this level of service from any PS team member, please drop us a note and we’ll take immediate action.


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