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Please read instruction manual to maintain and keep your cable in good working order

1 Read instructions .

2 Retain instructions .

3 Follow instructions .

4 Please  place  R.K. cable clear of pedestrian traffic .

5 Do not submerge in any liquid .

6 Do not insert foreign objects .

7 Do not place R.K. cable where there is extreme heat .

8 If R.K. cable becomes damaged cracked or cut do not use .

9 Do not open dismantle in any way .

10 Do not pull on cable to disconnect please use grips on plugs .


Must carried out by a qualified person for warranty please return to R.K. cable .

Damage requiring servicing

Please return product to R.K. cable for servicing when

product does not  work ,

has been exposed to liquid ,

has been dropped or damaged in any way

Replacements parts

Use only parts as supplied by R.K. cable .Substituting unauthorized parts will compromise product performance and user safety and warranty .

Power source

Turn power source off when not in use.

Safety check

Each R.K. cable comes with a appliance tag to show it is safe to use and it also shows a qualified person has done the  work .. While the product is under warranty it must be returned to R.K. cable .



Each R.K.CABLE comes with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase .

All goods are tested and checked before leaving .

Goods returned must be presented with  a copy of the  original invoice .

Owner of goods to pay all delivery costs .