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Home Grown Audio

Welcome to the range of Home Grown Audio silver cables 


Sound Fundamentals: The Homegrown Audio Story

Our Beginning

In 1998 Homegrown Audio Co (HGA) was started with the notion that audiophiles worldwide desired a better source for top performing audio products at down to earth prices. Our doors opened with a single cable design and enough high quality Teflon insulated silver wire to serve the needs of a growing DIY audio community. Business boomed!

Smart Growth

From the beginning we knew the only way to produce the highest quality products was to �grow� them ourselves! While our competitors bought high cost ads, Homegrown invested in the best wire manufacturing equipment money could buy. Today, our multiple industrial braiding machines allow us to produce essentially any wire and cable geometry imaginable -- all in house and under the watchful eye of our well trained staff.

As our company has grown so has its diversity. Indeed, HGA benefits from the talents and contributions of numerous professionals with greatly varied experience. This includes individuals with backgrounds in physics, human physiology, music, and more than thirty years of experience in electrical engineering. Most importantly, we're all music lovers at heart who have never swayed from the vision of growing a great company dedicated to providing the highest quality audio products at a fair price.

The Finest Components

The best performing designs require the best starting components. Period.

If you're tired of companies who sacrifice quality in order to meet a profit point then you're in for a gourmet treat with HGA.

We proudly list the �ingredients� used in our products such as:
High purity solid silver wire
Teflon� insulation throughout
Premium plated LOK� connectors
Audio grade silver solder

Proven Performance

You can depend on HGA to deliver a proven design that is well researched, meticulously constructed, and market tested for use in the most demanding audio-visual systems. Our tradition of excellence stems from three original HGA employees who are now practicing surgeons! We understand the precision and materials necessary to build the highest performing products. Our quality control is truly second to none.

Uncommon Value

At HGA, you won't find big budget advertising campaigns and quick-sell gimmicks. You just won't. What you will find is a level of service and reliability that is uncommon in today's marketplace. Those who have purchased from us in the past realize the value of this commitment.