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Why I should upgrade my power cable ?

There are  a number of reasons why it would be in your best interest to upgrade . When manufacturers produce new equipment it is always the accessories that get over looked .

You end up getting a cheap power cable .The common faults of this cable are :

Small wire gauge

Poor quality connectors

No shielding

Poor quality copper


How does R.K.CABLE  improve on this ?

By upgrading your cable to R.K.CABLE the  following improvements can be made

Increased wire gauge allowing power to flow  and not be restricted .

High quality connectors  have been fitted .

Shielding has been provided by means of a mylar tape and a copper braid

Highly annealed copper  is provided in R.K.CABLE


What can I  expect to hear from upgrading my power cable ?

As with all accessories there can be differences in the combinations of equipment used .

I would have to say that one should expect to hear the following from R.K.CABLE .

Lower noise floor.

Clearer  and more detailed sound .

Better treble , defined vocals and firmer and more detailed bass .

Smoother sound .

More dynamic range .


Where should I  begin ?

The best place to begin is on your source components such as the CD player or if you have a Home Theatre then it would be the DVD player . And if your budget allows you to go further then the ultimate  would  be to upgrade all your power cables


What components  can i use R.K.CABLE on ?

As suggested in the previous question. I would recommend  the components in the following order starting with  the source . Here is a typical example in two systems .

STEREO                         HOME THEATRE

CD player                      DVD player

Pre amplifier                  Processor amplifier

Power amplifier              Power amplifier                                                               

Sub  Woofer                  Visual display being  TV , Plasma , Lcd and Projector .

                                    Sub Woofer



How would shielding help ?

Shielding can  help in the following ways . Every power cable radiates EMI  which can enter into components and cables in your hifi system  resulting in poorer sound quality .

 These same components  can also emit there own RFI and EMI  back through the power cable . This is reduced by the shielding ,  allowing your system to operate more efficiently .



What is EMI ?

 Electro Magnetic Interference or radiation can be released by electronic and electrical devices that can be found in the home . These can be flourescant lights , electric motors .. It is a noise that can be  electrically induced or a transient that can be sent through the cable ..

The best defence against this would be to have cabling with high quality shielding and also if needed  a high quality power filter .


What is RFI ?

Radio  Rrequency Interference is an EMI that is transmited at high radio frequencies

being above 10khz. .

RFI can create noise or dropouts on a wireless system or noise in a sound system .

RFI can be generated from a number of sources such as computers , switching power supplies , indoor and outdoor radio broadcast signals . RFI can enter  audio system components and  cabling resulting in a annoying hiss or distortion in sound quality .

The best defence against this is to provide high quality shielded cabling for your system

and also if needed a high quality power filter . .


Why is there a tag on my cable ?

Every cable made is fitted with its own appliance tag  . This is to show that the cable has been made and tested to meet Australian Standards and that it is safe to use .

Your safety is our highest priority .


Is R.K.CABLE compliant to Australian Standards ?

YES all parts used to make the cable comply to Australian Standards